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Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3

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 Class Guide ~ Cleric

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Class Guide ~ Cleric Empty
PostSubject: Class Guide ~ Cleric   Class Guide ~ Cleric Icon_minitimeFri May 04, 2012 6:08 pm

Class Guide ~ Cleric Eebkgc10

Balanced healer (1)

Evangelical Theology: 15 (Each Lv, G-Healing +1%)
Zealot Doctrine: 15 (Each Lv, Cast SPD +1%)
Religious Knowledge: 10 (Each Lv, WIS +1%)

Balanced healer (2)

Shield Proficiency: 15 (Each Lv, Shield DEF +2%)
Religious Knowledge: 10 (Each Lv, WIS +1%)
Zealot Doctrine: 15 (Each Lv, Cast SPD +1%)

Speed healer

Evangelical Theology: 15 (Each Lv, G- Healing +1%)
Zealot Doctrine: 20 (Each Lv, Cast SPD +1%)

~ I hope it will be useful! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Building your Cleric - A Comprehensive Guide   Class Guide ~ Cleric Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2012 9:21 am

Introduction :
Cleric is the first Healing class that you will unlock. They have strong buffs, heals and group heals as well.

Recommended Race

Recommended Heroic Traits
Sanctum > Crack Shot > Maverick

Knowledge Points

Minimal setup, will have points left to distribute:

Zealot Doctrine 10 - Castspeed is your main stat.
Divine Blessing 1 - Grace of Wisdom is a great buff and even better with this.
Sincerity 5 - max mp is nice, but we skill this to unlock the next knowledge
Spiritual Training 1 - life cure is your best spell, this makes it better. questions?
Divine Knowledge 1 - light blessing is another awesome buff, this makes it better.

Options where you can put your kp after that:

Improved Purifying Wind (not more than 5)
Improved Wisdom (not more than 5)
Improved Gheal (possibly up to 10)
Improved Castspeed (possibly up to 15)
Improved Mcrit chance
Improved Mcrit damage

I personally took 15 castspeed, 5 wisdom, 8 gheal, which is probably the build with the most consistent heals (great in pve / dungeons)

For arena (not only because of the damage, but because of the critheals) I would recommend to grab mcrit and mcrit damage.

These are the certificates you should equip. This is the optimal setup, which requires several other classes to be maxed out.
This should be your goal at some point, until that, feel free to use whichever you have unlocked.

1 Holy Inspiration - Wis
2 Rock Soul - Mcrit (Bard)
3 Focused Thought - Cast speed (Shaman)
4 Spirit Totem - mcrit dmg (Shaman)
-These four will give you additional +15% healing value. That is huge!

5 Elemental Fusion - Mcrit - Mage
6 Soul Ritual - Mcrit damage - Warlock
7 Time Trick - Cast Speed - Illusionist
- Mage bonus won't help you, but this is better than anything else as far as I know.

Important Skills

Regular skills:
Cure - try to keep at maximum level. At least 40+
Prevention - can be lower than cure, but should be leveled too. 40+

Revive is great but level 1 will suffice. Mine is lvl 30 because its cheap to get a skill to 30.
Tornado is useful from time to time, mainly to help in bardruns as AoE dps. 30.

Earth Shock 1-30. You might need it if you want to level your healing classes while still being low level. Otherwise it is pretty useless.

Class skills:
The Good:
Life Cure - always maximum.
Light Blessing - same.
Grace of Wisdom - same.
Healing Radiance - same.

Holy Smite - 30+ good spell. makes solo cleric a really good farmer.
Hard Truth - very good buff, but can stay at lvl 1 because the increased bonus for leveling it up is super small.
Purifying Wind - Cannot be leveled past 1 but is a really good spell and should be hotkeyed.

The Bad:
Hammer of Discipline - 1 waste of class points!
Sanction's Light - 1

Skill Rotation:
Buff everyone with Hard Truth, Light Blessing, Grace of Wisdom.

Always keep Life Cure 5 times stacked on the Tank.

Use Prevention and Cure on the tank as needed. Keep Life cure up!

Use Purifying Wind and Healing Radiance as needed (group debuff / damage).

Main stats:
Wisdom > Agility > Luck
G-heal > Cast Speed > Mcrit

Best: The Rebuilder
Before lvl 60: Any with agility for castspeed

Equipment Choices

Just pay attention that you use a mace with castspeed and gheal bonus stats.

50 - Evil Withered Mace / Dire Light Mace
60 - Immortal Art : The Beginning

High-level Armor Sets:

48 - Rainbow Onyx Set
53 - Blessing Bell Set
60 - Time Orientation / Time Rocket Set (yes, this has mcrit. crit heals are huge on high levels)

Just use whatever has your stats ( Cast Speed, Mcrit, Gheal )

Dream Wing Cloak - before that there's no really awesome one. Just use cloak from quest.

Since trophies are such random loot, I do not advise you to hunt any specific down. Just use whichever trophies you can get your hands on that seem useful.

Highlevel trophies that you should eventually try to obtain:
Kasin's Temple Discipline, MacDougals Portable Bugle.

Upgrading your gear

Don't ever try to upgrade important equipment with scrolls post limit without a safety stone!!

Upgrading your weapon will not increase your healing!


Fast-song enchants (Castspeed)

Remember that you can Enchant all five armor pieces, both rings, the necklace and of course the weapon (or weapons, or shield).
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Class Guide ~ Cleric
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