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Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3

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 Free Buffs/Items

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PostSubject: Free Buffs/Items   Free Buffs/Items Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 12:10 am

There are many free things you can obtain to help you level faster or gain gold around Aven..

jocolor Tarot Card: In Aven, search for Tarot Card Reader Morlin.
Benefit: Increases CP gained by 10% for 4 hours BUT you might not get the class you want (luck of the draw).

king Eternal Coins Chest: In Aven, search for Service Off. Asst. Goth
Benefit: Every 2 hours you may get 4 eternal coins (you need lvl 40 for this). Press I in game to check how many eternal coins you have (yellow damonds). When you have enough you may purchase items you can sell ingame (make sure they are TRADEABLE).
(you also gain 6 each time you complete a monster battle arena quest and pvp arena quest (located at npc Arena Admin. Kimoso).

study Education: In Aven, search for Professor Koss.
Benefit: Increased exp for various time depending on ur level range. Obtainable only once a day.

Twisted Evil One Eye Roger (RAID): random? raid in Aven. Recommend level 40+.
Benefit: a box that can give you good items to sell/ treasure maps. Recommended to take 2-3 hits at him and back off and wait for the high lvls to kill him, he is VERY strong but most of the time worth the risk of the drop. Open the box once to obtain your tradeable item, once you open the box again the item becomes not tradeable.

Like a Star @ heaven Visiting other GuildTowns: any guildtown at random time.
Benefits: When visiting guildtowns you can keep an eye out for a large blue crystal that you can break to make BLUE chest boxes spawn. These boxes can give you pet food, gathering aids, absee crystals and charms and a few other things.

Razz Online Items: On Eden Eternal website
Benefits: Free guard/ Power scrolls, pet food and more obtainable every 2 hours for free! Log onto the eden eternal website and select "free rewards". confirm your reward then go ingame and Hit the I button and look to the bottom left corner to obtain ur item u aquired from online.

Enjoy your free exp/ items queen

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Free Buffs/Items
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