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Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3
Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:09 am by chandzal
Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3

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 Interface Guide

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PostSubject: Interface Guide   Sun May 06, 2012 1:10 pm


(1) Yellow Banner at top shows who won on the crystal altar/ upgraded their weapons to 8 or above.

(2) Shows your hp and mana as well as your class and heroic trait.

(3) Shows Your pet, status/ buffs and quest restrictions.

(4) Your map contains your map (duh) but also the crystal altar, how much fame you have, territory war, arena battles, racial crafting and many more icons to help you on your journey

(5) Shows your activated quests. (also remember that some of them might be hidden, simply press L and search through your quest database to see which ones u have active as well).

(6) (hidden under number 5) is where your advancements will pop up. like Title Aquired, Skill Class Aquired and other upgrades. You may simply click on them or hit the K button to check upgrades and titles and achievements are on an icon on your map.

(7) Gained EXP, CLass EXP, items and money as well as your chat log and underneath is your % to lv.

(8.) Your hotkeys/ spells. Press K to open and switch your spells.

(9) Your menu that gives u access to your backpack and other things but i find simply hitting the letters on keyboard (B for backpack) is much easier and quicker.

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Interface Guide
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