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Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3
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Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3

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 [Sneak Peek] Awakened Armor

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PostSubject: [Sneak Peek] Awakened Armor   Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:44 pm

This info is taken from a post made by >koager<. All the credits to him


This has not been released in the AGE version Eden Eternal when the sneak peek was written.
Aeria Games retains the rights to names, locations, items, ect and can edit content to be better suited for the player base
Translations are done by me. Upon release Aeria may choose to localize things into something else

Awaken! Sprites who reside in armor!

There are sprites that live in certain armor, but without waking them up, the sprites are sleeping within.
However, while looking through the archives of the library in Aven, <Librarian> Conan has found the method to waking up those sprites that reside in armor. As long as players can find the materials listed in the books, the sprites can be awakened and the armor can display their full strength.

The awakened equipment system is targeted towards players who have reached the pinnacle in terms of level and power but still wish to seek more ways to optimize their character. Thus, the future of awakened equipment will have awakened weapons start at lv65, released every 10 levels, and awakened armor start at lv70, released every 10 levels.

What effects do the new lv70 armors have? Let’s take a look!

Increasing the value of defense!
"Lots of classes and class change" has always been Eden Eternal's significant features, thus the developers have taken a closer look at team play and have felt that the melee defense classes have not yet reached the original design concept. Therefore, there will be a few changes with the defense stat causing "damage reduction", "crit damage reduction", and "parry chance" to have the cap increased from the original 50% to 70%. This enables the melee defense classes to be better tanks in supporting their teammates and to challenge higher leveled and harder dungeons to come


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[Sneak Peek] Awakened Armor
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